Dentures / Partial Plates

If you are suffering from damaged or weakened teeth, or are missing teeth, you may benefit from dentures or partial plates to help restore a full and healthy smile.

Dentures (or full dentures) are intended to replace all the teeth in an arch. Dentures are a decision you and our dental specialists will make together to replace your missing teeth. Dentures are often the best answer when all your teeth are missing, or when the remaining teeth are no longer strong enough or aligned well enough to support a partial plate.

Partial plates are custom made to seamlessly match your remaining teeth. Partial plates can be made with acrylic or metal framework, depending on what our dental specialists suggests for you. The design of partial plates depends on factors such as where the remaining teeth are, how healthy they are, and what’s on the opposing arch.

If you’re in need of partial plates or full dentures, we recommend coming in for a free consultation to discuss your needs with our Mississauga dental specialists.

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